What is a subscription energy plan?

And why it might be a good idea to consider it.

Often, making things simpler is just a better idea! So we came up with a more straightforward way to connect you to renewable energy: through a Subscription Plan. Yes, just like Netflix or Spotify!

Monthly price guaranteed


  • When you sign up for a subscription plan, we can guarantee the same monthly supplier bill for 12 months.
  • It doesn’t matter if energy prices go up (they often do!), that portion of your bill is predictable.

You get a trial period while we create a custom plan for your house!


  • There is a trial period for the subscription plan. Depending on your zip code, this takes 1-3 months.
  • After the trial period is over, we will create a custom plan. Your custom plan is based on usage, zip code data, and other behavioral data.
  • Once the trial period is over and your custom subscription plan is created, you get to decide to keep the plan, or not. It’s as easy as that!

Advantages of an energy subscription plan


  • You can keep your energy cost under budget
  • No surprises from roommates or family members
  • No need to control Time of Use or wait for off-peak hours to get anything done (although you should avoid peak hours and be sustainably-friendly anyways!)

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