How it works

We make it super simple for you to access renewable energy

Step 1: Verify your location

Each area is unique and we want to make sure we are selecting the best plans for your zip code.

Step 2: Select your desired plan

It's easy to select the energy subscription plan that fits your current needs, with all the flexibility you want. No hidden fees, no cancellation, no surprises.

Step 3: Confirm and go!

Get us your basic information and you are good to go—no need to contact your current electricity provider. After 3 months, you will get the gift card via email or at home. Easy like that.

Energy plans explained

Pay Per Use Energy Plans

  • You pay for the exact electricity you use monthly
  • Your electricity is measured in kWh (Kilowatts per hour)
    and billed according to your fixed rate
  • You can avoid price fluctuation by locking in a rate on a 12-month plan
  • Perfect for people with low usage who want to cut costs on energy by reducing consumption

Subscription Energy Plans

  • You pay the exact same supply cost every month, no matter the usage
  • You’ll get an initial trial period while a plan is created, customized to your home needs
  • Once the custom plan is created, you get to review it. If you don’t love it, you have no obligation to keep it
  • Your custom subscription plan starts after the trial period is over
  • Perfect for people that live with roomates and family members wanting stability to control costs

Still have questions about switching? Browse the FAQs.