How long is my price guaranteed for?
  • Your price will be guaranteed for the length of the term listed on the plan you select. For example, if you choose a 12-month Pay-Per-Use plan, you will be guaranteed that price for 12 months.
  • Subscription Plan Terms:
    • You will receive an initial price that will be good for 1-3 months depending on what state you are in. After this initial term, your contract will automatically renew to a new 9-12 month (depending on your state) subscription price based on your home’s needs.
What other charges may apply to my monthly bill?
  • Great question! Energy bills are composed of two primary components: supply and delivery fees.
  • The supply fee is for the actual supply of your electricity or natural gas.
  • The delivery fee is from the utility company in charge of delivering the energy to your residence.
  • After signing-up for one of our plans, you’ll see our supplier partner’s name listed under the “supply” or “generation” section of your bill.
    • *In addition to supply and delivery fees, you will also be responsible for charges related to state and local taxes
What happens after I sign up?
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Dash right away.
  • You will receive an activation email from Inspire Clean Energy within 1-2 business days of enrolling.
  • You will receive another email from Inspire within a few days confirming your start date once your utility has accepted your enrollment. Depending on your utility, it may take 1-2 billing cycles to see Inspire on your bill.
Do I need to cancel my current service?
  • No need to cancel your current service, just sit back and relax while we handle the transition for you.
  • The switch will be seamless and you should anticipate no interruption in service.
How do subscription plans work?
  • All subscription plans are offered at the same, flat monthly price with no usage restrictions.
  • Upon signing-up you will receive an initial price that will be good for 1-3 months (depending on what state you are in). After this trial period, your contract will automatically renew to a new 9-12 month (depending on your state) custom subscription price based on your home’s needs. You are free to opt out at any time if you choose to. Learn more about energy subscription plans.
Are there any usage limits on a subscription plan?
  • No, there are no usage limits on a subscription plan.
What is the earliest start date?
  • The earliest start date is the next meter read of the month after you signed-up.
    • Example: If your monthly meter read date is on the 5th, and you sign-up for a new plan on August 20th, then the earliest your switch will go live is September 5th.
What is Dash Energy’s relationship to Inspire Clean Energy?
  • Dash Energy, Inc. is an authorized seller of Inspire’s electricity supply products and services.  Inspire Clean Energy is a licensed retail energy supplier.
How does your clean energy plan work?
  • By connecting to the local energy grid, the electricity you receive comes from a mix of energy sources. We ensure that 100% of your electricity consumption is sourced from clean energy generation facilities or otherwise paired with Renewable Energy Certificates (“RECs”) from generation facilities located in the U.S.
How do your plans compare to the utility plans?
  • Utility prices are variable and your bill could vary greatly from month to month.
  • Our plans will lock in your rates for a full 12 month term.
    • For On Demand plans, this means you will have a guaranteed rate for the full 12 months, and you pay based on your usage.
    • For Subscription plans, we are offering a 12 month guaranteed flat price, regardless of usage.
Can I ever go back to my utility?
  • Absolutely! Our plans have no cancellation fees so you can switch back to your utility at any time.
How does the referral program work
  • For every referral that signs-up for an energy plan, Dash will plant 2 trees through the Plant a Tree Foundation.
  • For every 5 referrals that sign-up for an energy plan, Dash will pay for one month’s worth of energy (up to $40).
    • Referrers must use the unique link associated with their account to receive benefits.
    • Every time someone signs up with your link, you will get notified via email.
    • There is no limit to the number of referrals.
    • The free electricity month will be paid in the form of an electronic Visa gift card in the amount of $40.