What Happens When You Switch Energy Suppliers?

So, you’re ready to break up with your energy supplier.

We get it. Sometimes you and your supplier just outgrow each other. You can part amicably! No hard feelings. But we’re guessing you’re not planning to go off the grid and live on the edge of society, so you’ll need to find a new supplier ASAP.

The prospect of doing something as tedious as switching energy suppliers, however, can be daunting. You’ve gotten the breakup out of the way, but what about actually making the switch? 

It sounds tedious, but switching energy suppliers is easier than you think.

Still, most people aren’t entirely sure what making a switch actually looks like. We’ll break it down for you. 

What it looks like to switch suppliers

You have two options for switching your energy supplier. You can grit your teeth and do it yourself — or start by using a platform that helps you out. (We recommend using all the help you can get!) 

Start with figuring out the preferred begin date of your new plan. You’ll need to prepare a few things to send over to the new energy provider, like your payment info, address, and other key details, like your old account number if you have that. 

Then, determine which energy supplier you’re switching to. You’ll choose that supplier and enter a statutory 14-day holding period. If at any point during that time you want to change your mind, you can.

As you’re shopping for new suppliers, keep your energy and sustainability goals in mind. Are you looking for a lower electricity rate? Do you want a supplier that offers green packages?

We should mention that if your old supplier objects to the switch (due to outstanding payments or another reason), that dispute will need to be investigated and resolved before the switch is made. After the holding period and/or any objections are cleared up, you’ll start receiving energy from your new supplier.

And there won’t be any disruption to your electricity supply while all this is happening. Plus, if you’ve made the switch to a green energy supplier, you’re now getting electricity that’s generated with renewable resources, like wind and solar.  That’s all it takes.

by | Aug 11, 2022

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