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As a young startup, Dash Energy was quick to move to the working-from-home lifestyle in 2020. However, as the company grows 100% remote, we need to be even better at making our culture stand out, especially being a newcomer in the mature energy market and fighting for top talent.

After recently expanding our team, we learned first-hand that the hiring and onboarding process is an opportunity to really highlight (or expose) a company’s true culture and values.  We believe this starts from the very first communication in posting the job, and extends throughout each step of the hiring process.  Everything from the timeliness of your responses, to the level of personal touch, and overall transparency in your communications, the values you’ve instilled with your team are constantly on display.

In a highly competitive market, the little things can make a big difference in attracting and winning top talent.

The people you work with, how you engage with each other and make decisions together, is a huge part of our daily lives. 

From our early beginnings, we focused on creating a living breathing culture that helps us to filter our choices, goals, attitudes, and priorities. When you are in alignment with those around you, everything flows. Alignment is not luck, it is something you design, nurture, and create together. 

We emphasize our core values to tell the world who we are, to tell each other what we need, and to serve our customers with intention. 

The Core Values we hold dear at Dash Energy are:

1. Embrace Transparency

Communicate boldly and authentically and assume the best in each other and yourself.

2. Seek Truth

Be humble in the presence of good data and make swift, evidence-based decisions with the customer at the heart.

3. Create Space

Embrace different perspectives, histories, backgrounds and quirks, because we believe these to be vital to our shared success.

4. Enjoy the Ride

Have fun, work hard, and take time to celebrate together and support one another.

5. Maintain an Owner’s Mindset

Lead by example, be biased towards action,
hold yourself accountable to high standards and make decisions as if you were running the company.

We also emphasize who we want to become and how we want to be remembered in the industry. So my question to you is: 

Do you think the energy market is ready for the vibrant reenergized startup culture to shake things up a bit?

by | Feb 10, 2021

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