Knowledge can lead us to a more sustainable world

We are data-driven and nature lovers. We are connecting the dots between energy plans, energy alternatives, and people’s lifestyle. We dream of a world where what is good for you is also good for the earth.

We are currently backed by  ,  the venture capital arm of Schneider Electric

Our Vision

To make it easy to buy energy and understand consumption to create a more efficient ecosystem and sustainable world.

Our Mission

To empower consumers to achieve their sustainability goals by offering a seamless buying experience fueled by elegant design, artificial intelligence, and easy to understand data points.

The values we live by

These values create a framework for how we show up, work together, and support one another.

Be authentic

Communicate boldly and authentically and assume the best in each other and yourself.

Create space

Embrace different perspectives, histories, backgrounds and quirks, because we believe these to be vital to our shared success.

Maintain an owner’s mindset

Lead by example, be biased towards action, hold yourself accountable to high standards and make decisions as if you were running the company.

Seek truth

Be humble in the presence of good data and make swift, evidence-based decisions with the customer at the heart.

Enjoy the ride

Have fun, send memes, work hard, and take time to enjoy each milestone together.

Our leadership

Tom Cameron

Tom Cameron

CEO, Co-founder

Tom has 25 years of experience in running organizations at a global level, in both start-ups and +$2B organizations.

Bret Harris

Bret Harris

Head of Product, Co-founder

Bret has been working with startups and leading successful growth and product initiatives for the last two decades. His passion for impactful design, shenanigans, and sustainability is contagious.

Sabrina Gallier

Sabrina Gallier

Head of Marketing

Sabrina is a startup entrepreneur, with a strong digital marketing background. She is passionate about mental health, sustainable solutions, and building a brand that is doing great things for people. 

John Carr

John Carr

Head of Engineering

John started his career in the gaming and 3D design world over 20 years ago, but he quickly moved into his passion for building tech to solve complex problems without complex user interaction.